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AMCO Solutions one of five partners to join new OneStream Development Partner program

April 18, 2023, Tuesday


AMCO Solutions Delivers Lease Accounting Solution for the Launch of the OneStream PartnerPlace and Solution Exchange

AMCO Solutions, Amsterdam/Copenhagen, April 18, 2023 – AMCO Solutions today announced the delivery of their Lease Accounting Solution as one of the initial solutions for the launch of the OneStream PartnerPlace, a key component of the newly-launched Solution Exchange. A new Development Partner program and launch of the PartnerPlace within the OneStream Solution Exchange is designed to accelerate the delivery of value-added solutions developed, maintained, and supported by OneStream’s partner community. AMCO Solutions is one of five inaugural OneStream partners to join the OneStream Development Partner program and launch a PartnerPlace solution at OneStream’s 2023 Splash User Conference and Partner Summit. 

The Solution Exchange builds on the success of the OneStream MarketPlace to further enhance the OneStream platform development experience with the addition of partner-built and community-shared solutions. The Solution Exchange consists of three solution portals: MarketPlace, PartnerPlace, and OpenPlace.

To AMCO Solutions, this is a significant and strategic milestone. We are now taking our partnership with OneStream to the next level, as one of the pioneering OneStream Development Partners. It builds further to our strong position as OneStream Diamond Partner and OneStream Authorized Training Partner,” said Pascal Walk, one of the two CEOs at AMCO Solutions. Jesper Kamstrup, CEO at AMCO Solutions adds to this: “We have been a trusted OneStream Partner since the very beginning. Being recognized as a Development Partner also builds on a decade-long partnership and our deep understanding of financial systems and processes - and our ability to tailor and support the solutions to meet customers' needs.

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Jesper Kamstrup

CEO, AMCO Solutions


Pascal Walk

CEO, AMCO Solutions

We are excited to partner with AMCO Solutions in the delivery of this Lease Accounting Solution to the OneStream Solution Exchange. The expansion of the OneStream MarketPlace to the Solution Exchange will accelerate the development and delivery of new tools and solutions that help customers extend the value of the OneStream platform,” said Tom Shea, CEO at OneStream. “The PartnerPlace solutions will offer more tailored options for customers to expand the platform in new functional and industry-specific areas to address customers’ unique needs in response to today’s rapidly changing business environment.”

AMCO Lease Accounting

The Lease Accounting solution was initially developed by AMCO Solutions in 2017 when they foresaw complexities within the new IFRS 16 and ASC 842 accounting standards. Today AMCO Solutions is helping more than 50+ customers deal with a multitude of different leases, calculation variables and compliance making the AMCO Lease Accounting solution the de facto option for OneStream customers for their lease accounting requirements. Since the first project, the solution has continued to mature and is now able to address requirements for companies across all branches and industries to enable them to automate and streamline financial data and reporting. The AMCO Lease Accounting Solution will be readily available to OneStream customers and partners on the OneStream PartnerPlace via the Solution Exchange and will be priced and licensed for download by customers and supported by AMCO Solutions.

LEase Accounting Solution_book.png
  • Manage leases from Centralized or Decentralized process

  • Automated journal generation supporting both IFRS 16 and ASC 842 calculations 

  • Dynamic validations including standard and customer-specific data quality checks

  • Integrate with budget/forecast processes

  • Out-of-the-box reports and disclosures

Key Features:

The Solution Exchange will be highlighted this week during OneStream’s Splash Global User Conference & Partner Summit in Washington, DC. To learn more about Lease Accounting, visit:

About AMCO Solutions

AMCO Solutions is a global finance business partner providing end-to-end business services for CPM & ERP solutions. They are a OneStream Diamond Partner, one of the few diamond partners globally, and the only diamond partner in APAC and the Middle East. With 170+ dedicated professionals found in 11 locations globally and 16 years of business expertise, AMCO Solutions has a proven track record of providing exceptional service and value to their clients, which includes 100+ OneStream customers and 200+ OneStream projects.

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OneStream Diamond Partner

B-EYE_dark blue_Icon 041.png

OneStream Authorized Training Partner

B-EYE_dark blue_Icon 095.png

OneStream Development Partner

Customer Success Drivers and Global Footprint

  • End-to-end business partner for CPM & ERP solutions

  • 16 years of focused CPM, Business Intelligence, and ERP delivery

  • Expertise across the whole application lifecycle (technical, infrastructure and functional disciplines)

  • AMCO Accelerators & Expertise

  • Mixed pool of consultants for tailored and reliable service delivery

  • 100+ OneStream Customers

  • 200+ OneStream projects

  • 170+ employees in 11 locations

  • Centers of Excellence in India and the Philippines

  • Services delivered in 42 countries

About OneStream Software

OneStream Software provides an intelligent finance platform built to enable confident decision-making and maximize business impact. OneStream empowers Finance and Operations teams with insights to make faster and more informed decisions every single day. We unleash organizational value by unifying data management, planning, reporting, analytics, financial close, and consolidation. All through a single, modern corporate performance management (CPM) platform designed to continually evolve and scale with your organization. OneStream is an independent software company with over 1,100 customers, 230 implementation partners, and nearly 1,300 employees. Our primary mission is to deliver 100% customer success. To learn more, visit:

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Press Contacts

Jesper Kamstrup

Chief Executive Officer

AMCO Solutions

+45 4099 6250

Pascal Walk

Chief Executive Officer

AMCO Solutions

+31 6 46 390 485

Jaclyn Proctor

Media & Analyst Relations Manager


+1 770 639 0522

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