OneStream Solutions

OneStream is designed to assist finance and accounting professionals in automating and optimizing various financial processes, including financial consolidation, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, data integration, and more. This software aims to simplify complex financial tasks, enhance data accuracy, and support better decision-making within organizations.

OneStream Software is a company that specializes in providing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) software solutions.  With AMCO as the implementation partner, we are stronger together to deliver your Finance Transformation initiative to fruition.

Invest in your financial transformation journey

Extend the planning and analysis capabilities of the OneStream platform with our full spectrum of OneStream solutions that can be combined tailored to your business goals.

Lease Accounting

Save time by implementing a solution that automates all financial data and reporting requirements. 


ESG Reporting

Add ESG Reporting to your OneStream platform to take control of your ESG Score. 


Tax Provisioning

Our tax provisioning solution will unify these functions and improve efficiency, accuracy and the speed.


Profitability and Cost Analysis

Have the power to create a flexible allocation model and generate real insight into the profitability of your organization.


Tax Pillar 2

The global tax landscape is rapidly evolving, and the BEPS initiative by the OECD is at the forefront of this transformation.


Streamline your business processes; eliminate multiple module silos

Skip the manual steps and save time on dealing with complex financial consolidation and planning with a unified application.

Financial Close & Consolidation

Conquer the complexity of the financial close and consolidation process and deliver rapid insights to stakeholders. 

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Respond quickly to new market opportunities or threats with a unified platform across Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and FP&A.

Financial Signaling

Drive continuous performance by transforming operational signals into actionable insights to drive performance.

Reporting & Analysis

Deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time with a unified CPM platform.

Financial Data Quality

Make data-driven decisions based on accurate financial and operating results.

People Planning

Empower managers by using dynamic calculations to project the costs of new hires and other related expenses.

Account Reconciliation

Conquer complexity and improve the integrity of financial results by aligning your account reconciliations.

Capital Planning

Streamline the planning of capital assets and accountability while providing a better control environment across the organization.

Sales Planning

Align customers, products, pricing and sales targets with financial plans at the speed of the business while driving performance.

Transaction Matching

Match transactional data from multiple sources and improve the accuracy of financial statements.

Compliance Solutions

Stay in compliance with US GAAP, IFRS and other local statutory requirements with built-in financial intelligence.


Deliver the potential of unified planning across the enterprise by using the next evolution of processes and tools.

Sensible Machine Learning

Empower enterprise planning processes with scalable AI purpose-built for Finance, Operations and Data Science.

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Integrate your Equity Pickup Process

Increase the speed and accuracy of your data. Discover how Equity Pickup can be fully integrated in your reporting processes, increasing the speed and accuracy of your reporting.


Profitability and Cost Analysis At Schiphol Group

By using the solutions implemented by AMCO, Schiphol can keep track of costs and revenues per specific business area, which was also the situation in the former solution.