OneStream vs Hyperion Software [2024 Comparison]

Companies that use Oracle Hyperion must choose between upgrading to a modern CPM solution or risking being left behind. Oracle's Hyperion, characterized by its fragmented, complex, and costly nature, hampers financial agility and decision-making.
Discover how OneStream Software compares to Hyperion. This will assist you in making an informed decision moving towards a modern and easy to use CPM platform.

CPM Landscape Transformation

While Oracle's Hyperion CPM applications have served many organizations well, their fragmented architecture and escalating costs have triggered a search for alternatives. OneStream, a unified and extensible CPM platform, has emerged as a compelling choice for organizations aiming to modernize their financial processes.

Oracle Hyperion: A Legacy of Fragmented Modules

What is Hyperion Software?

Hyperion Software, now known as Oracle Hyperion after its acquisition by Oracle Corporation, constitutes a comprehensive suite of financial management solutions, including Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Hyperion Planning, and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise.
Many organizations widely use the modules for financial consolidation, reporting, planning, and analysis.

However, their fragmented architecture has introduced several challenges, including:

  • Increased complexity and cost of deployment, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Data movement complexities between
  • Hyperion modules
  • Need for additional modules to address specific financial processes
  • Manual data integration and compliance issues

What is Oracle Cloud EPM?

Oracle's shift to cloud-based CPM applications has not alleviated the challenges posed by their fragmented architecture. Oracle Cloud CPM applications still require manual data integration, introduce higher ownership costs, and lack equivalent functionality compared to their on-premise counterparts.

  • Numerous applications are needed to handle all performance management procedures
  • The process of integrating data between applications remains manual
  • Manual data integration is necessary with on-site ERP systems
  • Functionality is compromised when transitioning from Hyperion applications to Oracle Cloud EPM applications
  • Ownership cost is higher compared to other EPM/CPM solutions based in the cloud
  • There are several potential risks and problems associated with data quality

Modules that make up the Oracle EPM Cloud Suite:

All the modules need to be integrated and maintained in order to sufficiently keep working together.

  • Planning
    For scenario planning, modeling, and long-range planning to budgeting and line of business planning.
  • Profitability and Cost Management
    For building allocation models for profitability analysis, shared service costing, IT financial management, tax transfer pricing.
  • Financial Close and Consolidation
    For meeting compliance requirements and reporting
  • Account Reconciliation
    Used for accuracy of financial statements while addressing security and risk.
  • Tax Reporting
    Tax Provisioning and country-by-country reporting
  • Narrative Reporting
    Collaboratively authoring and publishing financial, management, and regulatory report packs.
  • Data Management
    Governance, visualization, and hierarchy management

Who uses Hyperion and Oracle Cloud EPM?

Oracle targets large enterprises with complex financial structures and a need for comprehensive performance management solutions. These organizations may have multiple business units, international operations, and a substantial volume of financial data to manage.

Similarities between targeted companies are mostly:

  • Global presence and multi-currency
  • Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and Retail
  • Health Care and Life Sciences
  • Public Sector

The general consensus is that Oracle’s EPM suite is not on par with their legacy solutions, including HFM. This is the reason why we see larger enterprises move towards other solutions, including OneStream.

You should base your decision on a thorough evaluation of business needs, priorities, and how your company envisions the future of finance.

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What is OneStream Software?

OneStream (formerly known as OneStream XF) is a unified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution designed for complex, large-scale organizations. It provides a unified, highly scalable platform that simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics, and financial data quality.

Key aspects of OneStream:

  • A comprehensive platform for financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting, planning, forecasting, analysis, and data quality management
  • The feature of Extensible Dimensionality™ allows business divisions to report and plan at a more detailed level without affecting corporate standards
  • Integrated financial data quality assurance provides trust in financial and operational outcomes
  • The OneStream MarketPlace offers customers the ability to expand the OneStream Platform to provide additional solutions without increasing complexity. Think Lease Accounting and ESG Reporting (developed by AMCO)
OneStream MarketPlace developed by Amco

What is the OneStream marketplace?

MarketPlace, PartnerPlace, and OpenPlace solutions can be downloaded, configured, and deployed within minutes to rapidly deliver new solutions to end-users. They extend the OneStream platform and all coexist, working together.

All solutions come with complete documentation and instructions. The Solution Exchange will continue to expand to deliver more content and more value.

  • Financial Close and Reporting – Account Reconciliations, Transaction Matching, Tax Provision, Lease Accounting, and Compliance Solutions.
  • Planning and Analysis – People Planning, Capital Planning, Cash Planning, Sales Planning, Thing Planning, Predictive Analytics, Sensible ML.
  • Productivity Tools – Task Manager, Parcel Service, Diagnostics 123, CPM and ESG Blueprints and more.

Who uses OneStream?

OneStream is often chosen by organizations looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one CPM solution that can handle complex financial processes efficiently and effectively, providing a clear and comprehensive view of the company's financial performance.

OneStream, known for its unified approach to Corporate Performance Management (CPM), is used by a diverse range of organizations across various industries, particularly those with complex business requirements looking to take away the burden of integrating and maintaining multiple solutions which are often linked to inconsistent data, sloppy processes and high IT costs.

Here are some types of customers that use OneStream:

Based on company size: Large Enterprises and Multinational Corporations
OneStream's robust scalability makes it suitable for large enterprises and multinational corporations, which often have complex financial consolidation needs due to their size and geographic spread.

Based on business process: Complex Financial Processes
Companies with intricate financial processes, including those dealing with multiple currencies, diverse regulatory environments, and complex organizational structures, tend to choose OneStream for its comprehensive and integrated approach to financial management.

Based on customers by industry: Manufacturing & Dredging Offshore Companies
These firms use OneStream for its ability to handle detailed budgeting and forecasting across various product lines, locations, and operational units.

Financial Services and Insurance Companies:
These organizations leverage OneStream for efficient financial reporting, compliance management, and risk assessment, given the stringent regulatory requirements in the financial sector.

Public Sector and Educational Institutions:
Government agencies, universities, and public entities also use OneStream for budget management, grant management, and to streamline their financial processes.

OneStream is particularly favored by organizations seeking a modern, streamlined CPM solution that can reduce the complexity of financial operations, improve efficiency, and provide accurate and insightful financial information. Its extensible platform, which allows for the addition of specialized solutions, makes it adaptable to the specific needs of different industries and business sizes.

Organizations that have transitioned to OneStream from legacy modules and tools have experienced significant benefits, including:

  • Decreased the time, labor, and expense involved in upkeeping old applications
  • Streamlined the process of financial close, consolidation, and reporting
  • Enhanced flexibility in budgeting, planning, and forecasting
  • Hastened the rollout of new applications and business insights

How to start with OneStream

Depending on your proficiency with OneStream, AMCO can help you and your team with training, implementation and advisory.

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As organizations face the decision to modernize their CPM solutions, OneStream emerges as a compelling choice. Its unified architecture, extensible capabilities, and proven track record make it an ideal solution for organizations seeking to streamline financial processes, enhance decision-making, and reduce costs.

Organizations considering a transition from Oracle Hyperion or other legacy CPM solutions should carefully evaluate OneStream as a viable alternative.