Transforming Your Business with D365 Finance and Operations

In today's fast-paced business world, companies need to be agile and adaptive to stay ahead of the competition. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 F&O) is a cloud-based financial management solution that can help businesses achieve their goals and transform their operations. With D365 F&O, you can streamline your financial processes, unify and automate your business operations, and quickly adapt to changing financial and legal requirements.

In this article, we will explore how D365 F&O can help enhance your financial decision-making, increase profitability, optimize workforce productivity, and manage your growing global business. We will also discuss how D365 F&O can help you turn compliance into a competitive advantage, automate revenue recognition, and customize documents to meet your specific business needs. So, if you are looking to transform your business operations, read on to discover how D365 F&O can help you achieve your goals.

Enhance your financial decision making

Assess the health of your business, improve financial controls, and make timely decisions to drive agility and growth using comprehensive, real-time financial reporting, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights. 

Unify and automate your business processes

Integrate core business processes with financials and automate standard tasks to boost user productivity, support evolving business models, and maximize financial performance. 

Quickly adapt to changing financial and legal requirements

With a guided, rules-based chart of accounts and a no-code configuration service that simplify tax calculation, electronic invoicing, regulatory reporting, and global payments. 

Innovate and adapt 

Meet your specific business needs and prepare for growth with a modern cloud financial management solution that’s easy to customize, integrates with your existing systems, and offers cloud or hybrid deployment options.

Increase profitability 

Make your organization more profitable and improve cashflow with predictive recommendations and proactive guidance for timely customer payments and to effectively manage your credit and collections processes. process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis.

Expand your business in new markets 

Whether you want to optimize across subsidiaries, acquire companies, or expand organically, with shorter rollout cycles across 43 countries and 48 languages, and partner localized solutions for many more geos.

Optimize workforce productivity 

Enable fast user actions and decisions with intuitive role-based workspaces that provide embedded Power BI interactive data visualization, giving them a high-level view of key business metrics and the ability to drill-down into the transactions to monitor the health of your business and improve performance. Provide users the data they need in an intuitive interface, personalized to their role and preferences. 

Bridge the skills gap 

Bridge the skills gap and brings people, data, and processes together to save time, reduce errors, and increase profitability by creating an agile, mobile, always-connected work environment. 

Empower and engage your employees

Empower and engage your employees to do business anywhere, anytime with full offline mobile capabilities and a browser based, HTML5 client that runs across browsers, devices and platforms giving users access to their business application regardless of the device or platform they use. Give business users the ability to quickly create and publish business-specific mobile applications. 

Optimize the collections process and increase the likelihood of on-time payments

Create a rule-based collection strategy – built on invoice attributes such as payment predictions, due dates, and amounts – to automatically create tasks and email reminders increasing the likelihood of on-time payment, improving incoming cash flow and saving time for collections agents.

Adapt quickly to requirement changes 

Meet evolving local and global business requirement changes, improve governance, reduce risks, and ensure compliance across 43 countries and 48 languages out-of-the-box to fuel your business growth. Extend Dynamics 365 Finance further with more than 50 localization prebuilt solutions from Microsoft and its partners at Appsource to meet your local needs. 

Automate and effectively manage revenue recognition

Automate revenue forecasting, allocation, recognition, subscriptions and renewals, and reporting through a rule-based event handling process that enables your business to comply with accounting standards including IFRS 15 and ASC 606, and accurately calculate and report your financial statements. Simplify regulatory services Easily manage and comply with frequently changing regulatory requirements by using no-code configuration service for regulatory and tax reports, e-invoices, and payments.  

Manage your growing global business

Rapidly deploy new subsidiaries or product lines in record time with the ability to copy existing legal entity’s setup to a new company, allowing the onboarding of a new location to be quick, cost-effective and consistent with the company’s best practices. 

Customize documents

Create customized documents such as invoices and financial statements with Office 365 templates to easily adapt to changing business requirements.  

Turn compliance into a competitive advantage

Meet global and local business requirements, improve governance, reduce risks, and turn regulatory compliance into an opportunity to innovate new business models and improve competitiveness. 

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