What is OneStream and What Is It Used For?

OneStream: A Unified CPM Platform for Streamlined Finance

Boost efficiency and empower your finance team with OneStream.

This all-in-one Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution replaces clunky financial software, simplifying tasks like budgeting and forecasting.

Key benefits:

Unified Platform: Eliminate juggling separate applications. Download specific solutions from the built-in Marketplace (like lease accounting) for a perfect fit.
Enhanced Accuracy: OneStream ensures data consistency and reduces reconciliation efforts, leading to more reliable reports for confident decision-making.
Improved Agility: Adapt to changing business needs with ease. OneStream empowers your finance team to be more responsive.
AI-powered Automation: Free up valuable time for analysis with automated tasks and intelligent forecasting.
Simplified User Experience: The intuitive interface makes OneStream easy to navigate and use for everyone on the finance team.

Financial controllers:
Get ready for BEPS Pillar 2

Whatever type of business you have, having a good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will manage some of the most important operations of a business. It helps unify processes, resources, and technology across an organization.

Menzies Aviation

Discover the remarkable impact of OneStream at Menzies Aviation, where group consolidation becomes a breeze, completing the task in a fraction of the time.