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Profitability and Cost Analysis

At Schiphol Group

Allocation is also necessary to understand the margins on the respective business areas.

By using the solutions implemented by AMCO, Schiphol can keep track of costs and revenues per specific business area, which was also the situation in the former solution. Management can make clear choices based on the profitability per area.

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Profitability and Cost

Profitability and Cost

Drive Business Growth with OneStream's Profitability and Cost Analysis

Have the power to create a flexible allocation model and generate real insight into the profitability of your organization, helping you to drive the business through any scenario.

How does it work?

Users are presented with an allocation dashboard where the entire setup can be built. Drivers allow users to compose allocation rules and determine which entities, accounts and scenarios should be run. This can be fully personalized creating a flexible, comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

There is an option to run the allocation during regular financial processes or to trigger via the push of a button. Although it is fully flexible, the goal is to never look backwards again (unless adjustments are required) and analyze the allocation outcomes every period.

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Why OneStream

After years of working with other EPM systems, OneStream Software really blew the AMCO consultants away. The unified platform approach and the analysis possibilities were profound compared to the rest of the solutions in the market. The platform has continued to mature and add innovation since Day 1.​

Nowadays OneStream is acknowledged by research institute Nucleus as a market leader, scoring as one of the best on usability and functionality. Also OneStream received a 4.9 out of 5 star rating in Gartner Peer Insights, find out why.

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What should it all cost?

For OneStream users this is a no brainer. There is no extra hardware and you profit from relational data blending functionality to post lease adjustment journals. The cost of implementing is much lower than the cost of re-inventing the wheel yourself.

Are you using another EPM solution or spreadsheet for your consolidation and close process? Then consider the data quality you will be able to guarantee to your stakeholders. You will be able to supply rapidly generated insights which management can base their business decisions on.

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