Company Overview

AMCO Solutions is a global finance business partner providing end-to-end business services for CPM & ERP solutions.  

We are a OneStream Diamond Partner, one of the few diamond partners globally, and the only diamond partner in APAC and the Middle East. 

AMCO operates in 11 locations worldwide, supported by 150+ dedicated professionals. 

Our 15 years in business allows us to fulfill implementations and support services in over 40 countries. Our experience is backed up by 190+ projects for over 120 customers in different industries

Our Story

AMCO Solutions is a merger of former Agium EPM and B-eye Solutions, -two known EPM and ERP partners in Europe and Asia Pacific.


The AMCO journey began in 2014, when our partners first met at the OneStream Splash Conference in Nashville. Since 2018, B-EYE and Agium have worked stronger together, and the merger to AMCO Solutions was made known to the world on August 24, 2021.

AMCO Global Footprint

AMCO Global Footprint

Stronger Together

We are born out of two companies that share the same DNA.

Together, our propositions are very comprehensive, offering more value to our customers. With this growth, we will be able to provide a broader set of solutions and services to you. Through this union, we can truly deliver end-to-end finance business partnering to all our customers. 

AMCO Solutions is now present in 11 offices with more than 100 consultants at your reach.  The new company will be led by two CEOs, Pascal Walk (former Agium EPM) and Jesper Kamstrup (former B-eye Solutions).

Double Diamond OneStream Partner

Over 190
projects in 40 countries

11 locations in Europe, APAC, and Middle East

Dedicated Professionals

What makes us different?

We give back time by providing the world with the power of innovative solutions through our global presence, thought leadership and the use of leading technology. We provide business insight solutions and services that empower our customers to proactively respond to changes and challenges.

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