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AMCO Culture

At AMCO, we care a great deal for our people.  We value talent. We provide an open and inclusive workplace, and our culture encourages and prioritizes independence integrated with collaboration, progress, innovation, and fun.

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We offer far more than compensation and perks to nurture our people. Our development programs are designed to develop you personally, enhance your future and promote well-being.

Global Workforce


We believe in a meritocracy and have amazing opportunities all over the world open to everyone that can help you achieve the best version of yourself.

Teams and Departments


You will be working with people from all walks of life but all with the same passion for excellence, collaboration and a sense of fun.


Join Our Teams

AMCO is expanding. If you are dedicated, fun, and passionate, consider joining our team. Have a look at our current openings to see if there’s a good fit.


From In house to Consulting
By Stephen Fletcher

I was able to do a lot of this learning by ‘doing’, in an environment where I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes; and I believe this was incredibly key to my development.

Team Testimonials

Vanessa Romero (retake) 2.jpg
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"In AMCO, we have a clear focus on the quality of the client relationships. We view ourselves as partners to our clients, and not just as suppliers of a service. We have a culture where you are supported in- and praised for your effort by colleagues and management. As we have such a close relationship with colleagues and clients, your hard work always feels meaningful, because people will let you know that you are making a difference."

Vanessa Romero
Consulting Director
Asset 1.png
"It is very motivating to see the project you are working on, develop from the initial idea to becoming a full-scale workable application. It is like building a house, starting with laying the foundation, raising the walls, and seeing the future owners of the house excited that the vision of it has come to life. It means a lot to see the application being put to use and how it makes work processes easier and better for our clients, knowing you have been part of what makes their business succeed."

Søren Stærkind
Senior Consultant
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