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A true unified EPM Platform:


OneStream™ - Next generation EPM

OneStream is a relatively new EPM solution built to solve complex financial consolidation & financial reporting tasks: budgeting, forecasting & planning processes and data quality & guided workflow responsibilities. Although it is new, OneStream's software is showing great promise and has already been rolled out at several public listed, multi-billion Euro companies. This is also picked up by research companies like Gartner and Nucleus.

OneStream's origin

The company was started by the same individuals who built the technology presently used in Oracle’s EPM data consolidation (Hyperion Financial Management) and data integration (Upstream / Financial Data Quality Management) solutions. In designing the software, the founders focused on simple yet logical attributes such as full transparency from data origin to final sign-off with full audit-trail along the way. Another key attribute is the provision of a full EPM solution on a single platform.

Specialized Diamond OneStream Partner


Over 175 projects


120 companies


40 countries

AMCO Solutions and OneStream have partnered from the start to provide you with next generation Enterprise Performance Management Solutions. We are the first partner who implemented OneStream™ in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Nowadays, we are one of the most experienced OneStream implementation partners of the world.

The finance knowledge and experience within our organisation enables us to understand the present-day challenges the Office of Finance. We guarantee we deliver your project within budget and on time.  More importantly, we provide inhouse developed functionality to your consolidation- and planning process and solutions. This approach distinguishes us from other traditional EPM implementation partners. We do this by truly understanding the technical back-end of the system and developing specialty applications. Examples include a Lease Accounting register for IFRS 15 and IFRS 16, CAPEX/Project planning, Integrated Reporting and Strategic Finance.

Our specialization ensures you will take advantage of the platform for the full 100% which enables the Office of Finance to become a valuable Business Partner for agile organisations.

Key Functionality

The OneStream™ EPM is currently one of the most powerful available platforms, supporting:

  • Financial Consolidation and Reporting

  • Financial Data Quality

  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Onestream Compliance Solutions

  • Onestream Cloud

  • Project Planning

  • Extensible Dimensionality®

  • Guided Reporting

  • Integrated Reporting

  • Flow dimension for cash flow and advanced currency translation

  • Origin dimension for better audit control

  • Account Reconciliations


Supporting TMF group with their Transformation program to harmonize models and improve the Finance function.


Simplifying the lease accounting process with automated journal generation


Transforming FP&A: Ship planning - Driver based planning - Allocations - Data seeding - Loans planning

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